Readings, Update

Because we’re spending longer in this section than I anticipated, I am moving a few things around this afternoon.  The new schedule won’t be too different; it will be posted here on Sunday, 15 Feb.

For the present, though, here is a reminder of the readings for next week, together with links to those readings (as appropriate).

For the time being:

Most Important Readings are indicated by two pluses ++

Readings of Secondary Importance include a single plus +

Optional, but Strongly Suggested Readings, a lonely interrobang ‽

Recall that S/Z is both (1) a clever meta-reference on my part, and (2) indicates a reading in the Salen/Zimmerman collection.  But mostly (1).

Play’s the Thing

‽ Caillois, Roger. 1962. “The Definition of Play: Classification of Games.” S/Z 122.

++ Huizinga, Johan. 1955. “Nature and Significance of Play as a Cultural Phenomenon.” Homo Ludens.  S/Z 96.

‽ Steinkuehler, Constance. “The Mangle of Play.”  PDF

+ Sutton-Smith, Brian. 2001. “Play and Ambiguity.”  The Ambiguity of Play. S/Z 296.

Play in a Terrible Time: Dada, the Situationists, Kynikism

+ Debord, Guy and Gil J. Wolman. 1956. “A User’s Guide to Détournement.” Les Lèvres Nues #8 (May). Transl. Ken Knabb. PDF

++ Debord, Guy. 1956. “Theory of the Dérive.” Les Lèvres Nues #9 (November). Transl. Ken Knabb. PDF

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